family packing

Thanks for helping me last week guys! Thank you also to the movers you sent me, they were quick, fast and competent. The crew was hardworking, they never took a break and were friendly. The total price that I was quoted was also cheaper than I expected. Amazing service! Thanks again.
Emma, 33, Guelph

We are thankful with the service we have received and experienced with Guelph Movers. The movers were brilliant and theres no damaged left. What else can we say? Hurray for you all!
Olivia, 29, Guelph

We were so glad we chose you guys. The movers were great! All our furniture has been dismantled and reassembeled and felt happy overall with the outcome. Guelph Movers is simply the best! Thank you!
Sophia, 25, Guelph

Kudos to you all! They really took good care of our move. Super thanks Guelph Movers! Will be recommended!
Isabella, 28, Guelph

I’ve called like 7 moving companies to move me to my new apartment when I finally get to speak with someone over the phone from Guelph Movers. The estimate qoute was fair enough so I booked and they made sure I understood everything. I am overall impressed and felt wonderful with my move. They put everything in place and at the end of the day, I just sit back and relax and did few arranging the next day. I wasnt able to personally thank the movers so I hope this will let them know how thankful I am. Keep up the good work!
Emily, 27, Guelph